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Medical Weight Loss Specialists is a doctor supervised weight loss clinic in Fargo North Dakota. 



 For their project, Medical Weight Loss Specialists tasked CHUCK B with creating a series of fresh, intimate, and informative web videos to capture the warm midwest sprit of their rapidly growing clinic in Fargo, ND. 




 For the first video, we spent a day and a half with George and Marilyn, one of the most energetic and inspiring couples we have ever met. They invited us to their farm outside of Fargo, and to their beautiful lake cabin in Minnesota. There, we had the awesome privilege of just hanging out with them- fishing, working in the garden, playing with their beautiful grandchildren- all the while keeping our camera rolling. With this spontaneous style of shooting, it didn't take long for the couple and their grandchildren to forget the camera and just be themselves, allowing the enthusiasm and vitality they radiate to shine through. 

 The second commercial required the tricky balance of being informational in tone without becoming stilted. i.e It couldn't be boring.

We needed to highlight the state of the art facility while still focusing on the human component. Lucky for us, Fargo is chock-full of the most generous people in the country. The patients willingness to invite us into the exam room, and Dr. Berry's passion and clarity in his explanation of the danger of the obesity epidemic made the job a seamless one.  

In addition to the two commercials, we delivered six patient testimonials, doctor and nurse portraits, and the 1hr 30 min presentation Doctor Berry gives each week during new patient orientation.