The place is Northwest North Dakota – an oil boomtown where trees are scarce and women are scarcer. A place where men come to seek their fortune, and leave to regain their humanity. Charlene has a stable life out here. Most stable she’s had since she ran away from Chicago after that terrible thing happened. It’s just her and her son, Charlie. It isn’t the safest place to raise a kid, but Charlene and Charlie look out for one another always. She works at the local strip joint in town to support them. Cash business, fake name, middle of nowhere – she’s a ghost. Just what she needs. Until one night Mason – an oil rigger – spots her at the club. When he shows up on Charlene’s doorstep, claiming to know what she’s running from, she has no choice but to let him in. Once inside, he makes her a dangerous proposition that she must accept or risk everything she’s worked so hard to build. Song- Bland by Jonathan Keevil